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Robot Combat League is a robot combat show unlike any other. Hosted by WWE superstar Chris Jerhico, the show features unique robots, awesome battles, and... uhh... arrogance? What happens when a fighter's spirit meets COLD HARD STEEL? Your answer: SUPREME AWESOMENESS!

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Crash Claims RCL TitleEdit


Despite finishing last in the first Power-Up Challenge, Amber and Dave Shinsel, Team Crash, the last place team stuns the world by beating eighth-ranked Team Steampunk to win the RCL chamionship. Amber and Dave Shinsel will help Team Steampunk's robo-jockey Ashley Nunes, showing a bond that the been formed. From the start, Crash felt like the runt of the litter. Then Team Crash proved everyone wrong by beating the top seed Steel Cyclone, then Brimstone and surviving three rounds with the robot slicer, Scorpio. The suprising 12th seed survived the most toughest opponents. 

Road to RCL GloryEdit

Round Opponent Result
Preliminary Round Steel Cyclone
Steel Cyclone
Steel Cyclone crumpled in Round 2
Quarterfinals Brimstone
Brimstone crumpled in Round 3
Semifinals Scorpio
Judges Score
Championship Steampunk
Won in Best of 5 3-2 (Won Rounds 1,2 & 5)

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